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Search Engines such as Google look at over 400 factors when deciding which websites to place on the first page, without a dedicated online marketing campaign you will have to rely on pure luck. We bet your competitors are not taking the luck approach ;-)


The short answer is probably no, if you have a team with years of experience in understanding search engine algorithms and plenty of hours per month to review and adjust your technical seo for organic search. However like most sensible business owners you probably have far better things to be doing than managing a team of seo experts like.. well.. running your business.

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Local SEO is just as important as a full web marketing campaign for a large multinational company. More and more people are finding local products, services and great content from search results that are ever increasingly served with a local focus to the searcher. OMY offers a truly expert local SEO service that will drive more quality focus from local users. We will make sure that your website and business show up in search engines such as Google for all of the correct search terms as well as make sure you are listed in all relevant digital services such as Google maps and Google Recommendations.


Our SEO Experts have carried out Inbound Marketing and SEO campaigns for some of the biggest names in the UK so know what it takes to push a brand to the top in highly competitive sectors. We follow a very strict methodology that is simple to understand from a client point-of-view but is wonderfully technical behind the scenes. We only engage in white-hat SEO and stick firmly to best practice Google guidelines, ensuring your SEO success lasts and does not result in short term gains with long term losses.

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At OMY we do not try to baffle you with science or use the phrase "it's too technical to explain", we can detail every single step we take in a way that will make sense to anyone running a business. We take great pride in your success as we would our own.

An example of how we would run our campaigns :-

Complete a full seo audit of your website (if pre existing) and detail any onsite technical SEO elements that need to be addressed. Our technical team can also implement these changes too at no extra cost.
Complete a full content audit of the site, looking at the message and content both from a user point-of-view as well as how it will be perceived by a search engine, optimising for relevant keywords and terms, as well as making sure it provides great value to a user.
Review all the current incoming links to a site to make sure non of them will affect your future progress or risk of penalisation. We will take additional step to clean up any previous SEO that may have not been performed to our standards or negative SEO that is affecting your position in the search results.
Create a 3 - 6 month digital marketing strategy, which usually includes creating content, resource pages, landing pages and additional technical SEO elements such as schema markup.
We will engage in continual outreach, content marketing and promotion in order to gain high quality, earned backlinks with high profile websites and media. We will never resort to low quality paid spam link building.

Our methods are tried and tested and have been honed whilst working for some of the biggest digital marketing companies in the UK working on big brands such as Jaguar Land-Rover, Shell, SKY and Vodafone to name but a few. Get in touch for free consultation about how OMY could get your website and business the attention it deserves and drive that all important relevant traffic!